report-data should be automatically written to a word document

  • 24 March 2022
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I want to automatically write data from reports into a Word document. For example, the number of failed jobs from the backup-job-summary report should be written to a Word document. Is there already a workflow for this or does anyone have an idea how to implement it?


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2 replies

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I doubt such a thing exists as its such a specific use case. My guess would be that your best best is to not use workflows for this but rather some unholy combination or Powershell and the reporting server.


You could some something like authenticating to the report engine using the rest api, pull the report data into a powershell object and write its contents to a word document.

This guy shows how to write word documents from powershell

This doesn’t look that hard to be honest, but its’ not trivial. 

I would imagine that in addition to having to create this word document it needs to be delivered somewhere so there are a whole bunch of things to consider.

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@christopherlecky is correct; I’m not aware of anything that specific.

What you can do is schedule reports to run and save to a network share.  I don’t believe Word .doc is a listed extension/file type, though html and pdf are.

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