Simcallwrapper set plan for client?


We are automating CV client installations by registering a Decoupled installation using simcallwrapper. Is it possible to associate or change backup plan for the client using simcallwrapper ?

I can only se this flag -subclientPolicy but dosent seem to work?


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Hello @Andrew Ström 

There is a switch “-StoragePolicy” 

Each plan has a associated Storage policy created in the java GUI so you should be able to use this swtich once you find the name.


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Albert Williams

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@Andrew Ström not sure which version you are running, but have you looked into the possibility to use plan rules for this? that way you can keep the simcallwrapper definition as clean as possible and only focus on the docking. The assignment of the client to a plan can dan be controlled entirely from Command Center.