Storage Pool configuration (advanced?)

  • 26 August 2022
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Hello Commvault Community, 


At the beginning, I will explain the situations that we need to meet with the client.


We have a production environment with several TapeLibraries and a few DiskLibraries. The client decided that he would like to use the newly created, dedicated Scratch Pools, but he wants them to be automated.


This is to work in such a way that for certain Storage Policy copies LTO-7 tape is to be taken or in the second case LTO-8. This configuration is intended to apply to multiple Storage Policy Copies.

We'd rather avoid creating all Storage Policies from scratch. However, we know that the Storage Pool settings define the "Default Scratch Pool" settings, where you cannot select individual ones for each copy and additionally, you cannot change it if the copy is already running and has data saved, but we probably found a workaround for this.


When we create a new copy to tapes, for an existing Storage Policy, we can choose a Storage Pool/ or create new one, there other than the rest of the copies have. However, this is where the main problem arises, because if we want to create a Storage Pool for tapes, it will create and we can create a dedicated Scratch Pool there, but one Storage Pool for tapes = one copy.


Here comes my question, is it possible to make a "Standard Storage Pool" like it used to be? Why am I asking? Because Standard Storage Pool can be selected multiple times for many copies (Dependend Copies), and for Storage Pool for tapes only once, and then you need to create a new one.


Is it possible to create such a Standard Storage Pool or is there any similar workaround for this situation?


I don't know if I have described it clearly enough, but if you need to explain something with screenshots, let me know.


Attached are screenshots with the list of Storage Pool, for better understanding.


Thanks for any help.
Kind Regards



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I am not sure if this is what you may be looking for. Can you review this doc to see if this will work for you?

If not I believe you can still configure a tape library the old way via the commcell console. You would create the library and associate to storage policy copies as needed.

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@Doug L 


That wasn’t the point, although thanks for your interest in the thread and for the hint.


We wants to use two Scratch Pools within the same Tape Library (there are two ULTRIUM-V8 drives), the first Scratch Pool will have LTO7 tapes and the second LTO8. We want to make many copies (we already know that there must be new Secondary Copies, because for the existing ones we aren’t able to change Scratch Pool) use specific but the same Storage Pool.


For example - we want two Scratch Pools for the Tape Library "xyz", so we need to create two new Storage Pools for the TL "xyz".


1. Storage Pool for TL "xyz" named "xyz_SP_defaultScratchPool_LTO7".
2. Storage Pool for TL "xyz" named "xyz_SP_defaultScratchPool_LTO8".


Due to the fact that we have a choice of creating a StoragePool for disks, tapes or the cloud, we choose StoragePool for tape. We create a default Scratch Pool with dedicated settings for LTO7 / LTO8 tapes. The creation process ends correctly, then we come to create a new secondary copy, where we can choose which Storage Pool to use - we choose the first or the second newly created Storage Pool.


This is where the problem arises, because this configuration works for one newly created secondary copy, but for the next newly created secondary copy we cannot select the previously selected StoragePool.


Here is my question, can we create a previously available "Standard Storage Pool", which can be used for many secondary copies (because the Tape Secondary Pool does not provide such a possibility).


Alternatively, if there is another solution, let me know.

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I have thoroughly verified the "Standard Storage Pool", ie Storage Pool for disks without deduplication - so this thread is irrelevant, because we need for tapes, not disks.

Additionally, I verified that I can select a Storage Pool multiple times for tapes, but only once for one Storage Policy. When we want to add for a new copy, but under a different Storage Policy, we still have a choice of it.

I will test another combination and will keep you informed.




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@Kamil , how is this issue coming along?


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Hello @Mike Struening ,


We decided that it would be best to create a new configuration, where everything will be properly configured from the beginning.

I consider the topic closed. It is important to understand how Scratch Pools are NOW running when there are Storage Pools in Commvault environments.



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Appreciate the update!

If anything else comes up, you know where to find us.