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  • 8 June 2022
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I’m looking at upgrading all my Windows file system agents to the same service pack as our management server.

I wanted to do this via creating a package and have the package sent to the servers via sccm as some of the servers have to be manually patched.

I was wondering if anyone has done this before? any advice would be appreciated.


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6 replies

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Hi @Craig Glaze , thanks for the post!

I’ll defer to the advice of our many community members ( @tph , @christopherlecky , @Laurent , @Onno van den Berg to start), though this thread might help regarding Media Agents:


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Its actually easier to just have the client send a call for an upgrade.

Its basically just a qcommand that requests an upgrade from the client rather than the server.


This will achieve what you need without having to create packages for all your targets and testing those since that's a huge pain.


I don’t have the details in front of me, but you can find it on the documentation site.


You could still do it via SCCM but you would just be running a script that starts the upgrade request.

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You can check this link 

After you download and prepare the update package you can distribute via sccm 


But i think using a Commserve push method for this is better, couse SCCM used the same ports for package distiribution, and you can exclude this servers for client group and did manualy update 

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So you already have the agent installed and you want to update the Commvault software to match the version on the CommServe. Well please use the built-in options to achieve this and the easiest way is to run the update client software task from Command Center/CommCell console via a push method.

If you really want to initiate it from the client then you can use as @christopherlecky mentioned a qcommand. 

Just as a tip: based on client name TLA we separate client computers per environment and add them to a smart group. We then update our clients using a task that can be executed via the UI or also via an API call following MTADP. Works perfectly and is very simple to implement.  

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I guess my question is why are you not doing it via the commcell?


I have seen in some environments where the need is political, if that is the case and you have the client initiated via a portal you can also initiate the upgrade via a rest request and orchestrate it from whatever api you have exposed client side.

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hello all.

I know qoperation automaticupdate is deprecated but does anyone know how to run it silently and get the client name automatically?