Cannot login to edge monitor

  • 18 May 2024
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I installed Metallic Edge Monitor from our IT service center. I’m on an ARM2 macbook running 14.4.1


When I start up Edge Monitor, and go to the icon, it briefly, for a fraction of a section flashes a login, only to be replaced by “Activation in Progress” which never seems to change, even after hours!  Does anyone have any explanation for this?  How do you think I can fix this?  I can’t tell you the version of Edge Monitor, because the icon is unresponsive (except for Quit).

1 reply

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Hello @algebravic 
Thanks for the great question, I’m not sure if you are the admin and have access to the portal but removing and reregistering the laptop has resolved this issue for other customers who have reported this error. 

If not a support ticket to the team and a remote session would be best as the error is very generic.


Kind regards

Albert Williams