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  • 18 May 2024
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Hi All,

We are configuring GFS disk to disk to tape (different tape media). 

1: first storage policy will configure daily Inc and weekly full for first disk keep 7 days 

2: first disk daily Inc and weekly Full go to auxiliary copy of second disk keep 28 days

3: second disk daily Inc auxiliary copy of daily tape media keep 28 days

4: second disk weekly Full auxiliary copy of weekly tape media keep 28 days

5: second disk Full (end of month) auxiliary copy of monthly tape media keep 12 months

Refer another vendor GFS, if weekly full backup day same as monthly, backup execute monthly only. May we know Commvault could setup this? May we know Commvault must keep both weekly and monthly if same day?

Best regards

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Hello @Chinchilla 
The extended retention rules are applied to a job based on a the settings in the storage policy, 

If you have your weekly full extended retention rules set to “first full of the week” and you have your Monthly retention rules set to “first Full of the month” and you run a job on Monday the 1st. 

This backup will meet the category of Weekly and monthly and in doing so will be assigned both retention. We will respect what ever one is high and follow that. 

I think a better way to think about the entire operation is not my “weekly full” or “monthly Full”.
Its just a full job, same as the test but you have rules to mark that full as longer retention. If 2 rules attempting to mark the same job for longer retention then the longer one is honored. 

Kind regards
Albert Williams