Install Commvault on Linux RedHat 8.2

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Hi, could you help me please?
I'm installing Commvault version 11.30 on Linux RedHat 8.2. The installation was successful, but when I log in, I get the following error message below.


Error [0x80070306:{CCvNetwork::SendXDRMessageInternal(5343)} + {CCvNetwork::SendXDRMessagePrivate(5098)/W32.774.(One or more errors occurred while processing the request. (ERROR_ERRORS_ENCOUNTERED.774))-Message (0x34000220/APPMGR_HANDLE_XML_REQ) is not allowed from client (commvaultrhel/ network access)/ network access/0/0(AppManager network access) AppMgrSvc(136786:b980c700)) authenticated with built-in certificates.}] re-sending request to server.


Best answer by Sebastien Merluzzi 5 June 2023, 09:19

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Hi @Rafaelctt ,

Can you revoke & renew the certificate of that Client:

Best Regards,

Sebastien Merluzzi

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Hi @Sebastien Merluzzi , thanks a lot, it worked!

It was necessary to add a temporary certificate.

Best Regards,