Usages excluded from capacity because of Protected VM license

  • 15 July 2021
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Can someone explain what this is to me “Usages excluded from capacity because of Protected VM license”. Does this mean they are not being counted and if so why are they not being counted.




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3 replies

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Hi @Jinmi !

You have it mostly correct.  If you have vms getting backed up, they can be accounted for in your Protected VM License count.  Those vms will not ALSO count in your normal Capacity Licensing.

As an example, if you have 10 vms at 1 TB each, they would normally count as 10 TB of capacity usage; however, if you have the Protected VM License model, then they only count as 10 vms (and do not contribute to your capacity usage).

Let me know if that explains it for you.

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Thanks for responding so quickly, for the below license setup does this mean i can protect an unlimited number of VMs since the Capacity Licensing is unlimited? Is the licence for number of VMs or for amount of storage the protected systems can take up? The Vms are on both azure stack and a local hyper v environment.

Protected Virtual Machines 270 
Disk Library Capacity (TB) Unlimited 
Deduplication Active Store Capacity (TB) Unlimited





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My pleasure!

To answer, no, the unlimited portions refer to how big you can make your libraries (unlimited) and your dedupe stores (unlimited).

You are licensed to back up 270 vms total.  If you ever go higher, you’ll need to deconfigure some or purchase additional vm counts.