Can i use 1GbE management port for management traffic in Bonded VLAN Topology for HyperScale X

  • 5 April 2024
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i dont have a dedicated non-routable backup network, but i can have redundancy and i have multiple VLANs for my clients, so the commvault hyperscale X document says to use Bonded VLAN topology as per below link,

my question is, if i still can have a dedicated 1GbE link on my HSX reference architecture node, then can i use that 1 GbE port dedicated for management traffic, like connection to commserv, DNS ? if answer is yes, then does it become Bonded VLAN topology with management network ? however as per topology determination table, we use Bonded VLAN topology with management network when we dedicated non-routable backup network.

someone please help to confirm this.


1 reply

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Hi Team,

please help with above question.

Thanks in advance !