Does Hyperscale X support ISCSI SAN mode backup for VMware

  • 2 October 2023
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Dear Support,

We have a requirement to offload VMware backup processing to HyperScaleX server, we do not have SAN in the environment. The storage server presents the disk to ESXi hosts over the ISCSI method. 

Can we use the same disk presented to HyperScale X over ISCSI method and perform SAN mode backup? Not sure this is supported, if supported using which network label (Data Protection or CS Registration) the HyperScaleX can see the disks. Please help.

4 replies

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Hello @Comtech 

From a Hyperscale perspective there is no limitation on the Hyperscale that wouldn’t allow this to work. SAN does support iSCSI but it would depend on how its configured (hopefully one of our Client Engineer’s could provide more information here). Regarding the network, the backup would use the Data Protection network on the Hyperscale unless a DIP was put in place to force traffic over a specific network.

Configuring a Dedicated Backup Network Using Data Interface Pairs -


Thank you,


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@Comtech  Take a look at the following documentation and see which fits best for your environment.

It seems maybe you are looking to do hotadd?

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Hi Collin, Thanks for your response. Let me raise a case with support and check further for ISCSI SAN mode backup.


Besides this, we too have a plan to do backup using dedicated VMkernel network on ESXI hosts. Unfortunately, the CommVault solution do not have a proper method to route VMware backup traffic over 902 (NFC) to HyperscaleX. If I’m correct the “Dedicated Interface Paring (DIP)” will not work for the VMware backup type.  Please let know if there are some improvements made in the latest Version to manage VMware backup traffic using DIP.

Below is the environment details IP and names being just dummy, curious to know will it work if I use host file entry to route traffic over dedicated VMkernel network.




Backup -→


Bond0.1 → CS-Reg →,, → This has DNS entry.

Bond0.2 → Data Protection,,

Bond2 → Storage Pool network.,,


VMware Network:

MGMT → 192.168.10.x

Dedicated VMkernal Network → ESX01 →, ESX02 →

VCenter -→

ESXi -→, ---> This has DNS entry.


I will give a host file entry on HyperScaleX server as follows. 


What I do not know is, the ESX/Vcenter by default will resolve the HyperscaleX to so I expect that it will move the traffic from ESX Management network to HyperscaleX

In this context how ESXi server will move traffic form ESXi interface to HyperscaleX interface? Please help.


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Hello @Comtech 

The DIP will only affect Commvault traffic at the application level. If you want VMWare\ESXi traffic to route over specific networks you would need to do this at the network level, If I am understanding you correctly.


Thank you,