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  • 15 March 2024
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I just have a question that in the File Level Backup, we have an option to use VSS, and the default for this option is to use for the locked files only. I have 1 physical server, and Commvault gave an ERROR CODE [7:332]: “High contribution of backup data from locked files is observed. Consider enabling VSS for all files for this subclient for more efficient backups, while monitoring to ensure that the VSS snapshot does not unduly affect the performance of the computer.” So, should I enable the VSS to all files instead of locked file only?

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Best answer by Keshika Bisht 18 March 2024, 11:39

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2 replies

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Hi @TD89 ,



When a Windows File System job has failed files, we take a VSS snapshot to protect them and this collect file will use single stream. When we have huge number of failed files to retry at the end of backup, the performance of backup is reduced because we use only one stream to retry backup using VSS. If we use “Use Vss for all files” option then Jobs run with VSS initially and it will use multiple streams. This is not an error or failure, based on failed files we are recommending using “VSS for all files” option from next job.



Keshika Bisht

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Sounds good. Thank you so much @Keshika Bisht