How VSA works with Hyperscale X, NBD transport mode

  • 12 June 2023
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Hello All,


I have a requirement to backup vSphere workload. The Target Storage device is Hyperscale X. This is the first time using Hyperscle X. It is a three-node cluster (Reference Architecture). Commserve will be installed as external. 


Do I need to install VSA on Hyperscale X so that it can act as a proxy access node for vSphere backup? The transport mode is NBD. 


Does the HSX have an inbuilt VSA it will automatically act as a VSA proxy for backup transport as NBD? VSA agent installation is not required for HSX.

2 replies

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Good morning!

Each HyperScale node has the VSA agent installed. When configuring the VSA subclient you can specify the transport mode desired.

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Thank you Ledoesp!