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I have a new install on Ref Arch version 11.32

I am going through the “what to do next” BOL to make sure all is secure.


For the Firewall I run # firewall-cmd --state but I do not get a response telling me the state of the firewall. 


I run another cmd I found systemctl status firewall and it replies.


Any reason why the CV cmd in BOL does not work ?



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Checked my HSX 2.0 and “firewall-cmd --state” returns the expected “running”

are you on HSX 3.x? if so might be a issue in the new Image

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yeah, on HSX 3.2312

I just ran the firewall-cmd --state on the other two nodes and on Node 2 it replies running but Node 3 I get no response from the cmd. 

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I connected to the Node over iDRAC and tried the cmd’s and they ran there with replies.


Now I know. 

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I don’t know if it’s the issue, but the screen shot has an extra # before the command.