Stopping and Starting a HyperScale X Reference Architecture Node

  • 29 November 2021
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Something is not correct in the documentation !


Starting a Node After a Reboot have exactly all the same steps as the Starting a Node Manually ??


Thank you


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Hey, @Marco Lachance !  Back with a good one, eh?

I looked at them both side by side….the only difference I can see is that for the Manual version, you have to start the services yourself, the other (nearly identical) write up omits two steps (forgive the formatting) which kind of makes sense(?):

4.Exit the admin user mode.

# exit


  1. Start the Commvault services. (This will also mount the CDS vdisk.)
# commvault start
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@Mike Struening :thinking:

If the only difference is Exit and Commvault start !! They should have two ways to restart services (manual and automatic) after a reboot ! 

The longest part is

# su - admin

# export HV_PUBKEY=1

# /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy --show_all_clusters

This will display the cluster name, as shown in the following sample output:

Cluster name: HV13102021054000 - owner: unowned - version: v-

Use the cluster name to start the node using the following command:

# /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy --start_node <fqdn hostname> --cluster_name <Clustername>


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I’m with you.

Let me reach out to our documentation folks and get them to address.

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I heard back with more info:

Please note that, in first section we only start Hedvig cluster, in second section we start hedvig as well as CV services. Apart from this, there is actually no much difference.

Let me know if that clarifies for you (or if you have more questions)!