Building Blocks for Hybrid Cloud Success

  • 3 October 2023
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Building Blocks for Hybrid Cloud Success
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Master Hybrid Cloud Chaos 

As an IT leader responsible for defending your data, you face a challenging dilemma. You can either spend more money on a patchwork of data security solutions or risk greater exposure with inadequate protection, leading to downtime, compliance issues, security breaches, and damage to your reputation. 

Experience the future: Revolutionize cyber resilience with Commvault® Cloud, powered by Metallic AI®. Our innovative approach sets us apart, ensuring data remains secure, available, and resilient.  


Meet Commvault Cloud - the industry’s first platform for true cloud cyber resilience. 


Commvault Cloud is the first unified platform that’s built for the hybrid world, securing all your data — from on prem to SaaS to cloud and beyond — from a single pane of glass, at the industry’s lowest TCO. 

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Cyber Resilience for any Cloud, Any Workload, Anywhere  

Get more value from your data, no matter where it lives, and gain true cyber resilience without compromising your business.

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ESG Analyst Research: Future-proof Cyber Resilience With Commvault Cloud

Explore the roadmap to enhance cyber resilience and help your organization seamlessly transition to SaaS data protection.

This report provides a technical review of Commvault Cloud’s capabilities for achieving cyber resilience, including: 

  • Improving business continuity 
  • Minimizing risk 
  • Reducing complexity & costs 
  • Being prepared for recovery when needed 
  • Enhancing agility 
  • Removing technical debt 
  • Meeting sustainability goals 

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GigaOm ranks Commvault as a leader for its broad range of cloud workloads, SaaS application support, and best-in-class cyber resilience and compliance features.

Read the GigaOm Sonar report to learn how Commvault's solution offers:

  • Best-in-class cyber resilience and compliance features.
  • Comprehensive coverage for various cloud workloads, including multi-cloud support
  • Endpoint protection and cloud storage services with immutability and air-gapped data protection
  • Management and analytics capabilities
  • Commvault's cyber resiliency features include AI/ML-based ransomware detection and threat detection.

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Your Blueprint for Cloud Adoption: 

As IT leaders strive to manage both cloud and on-premises data seamlessly, they need powerful and secure data protection that can meet them where they are today – and help them reach their goal.   

Download the eBook to learn how you can get the broadest workload support, lower total cost of ownership, and both SaaS and self-managed solutions. 


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