Leveraging AI for Data Security - Webinar (on demand)

Leveraging AI for Data Security - Webinar (on demand)
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If you missed our panel of experts, as they explored the transformative power of AI and ML in data protection and security. They discussed how to leverage AI to secure your valuable data assets, enhance operational efficiency, and bolster cyber resilience.

The session drew on the latest research findings from TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group, and delved into cutting-edge applications of AI and ML in data security. 

You can learn more and watch the replay here.


  • Vidya Shankaran - Field CTO, Commvault
  • Pawan Kumar Bodireddy - Sr Director, Product Management, Commvault
  • Scott Sinclair - Practice Director, Infrastructure & Modernization, ESG
  • (Moderator) Ross Camp - VP, Corp. Comms, Commvault

The panel topics included: 

  • The transformative impact of AI on data protection and security
  • How Generative AI is reshaping the threat landscape
  • How you can use AI to combat AI-driven threats and build better cyber resilience

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