Preparing for the Attack: Cyber Resilience Strategies for Security & IT Leaders (on demand)

  • 20 March 2024
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Preparing for the Attack: Cyber Resilience Strategies for Security & IT Leaders (on demand)
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Did you miss our session April 9? Not to worry! You can catch the replay of our expert panel discussing the importance of cyber readiness through recovery testing and risk management in the new era of cyber threats.

Our industry experts delved into the impact of new rules and governance around SEC and DORA cybersecurity disclosure regulations, strategies for bridging the gap between incident response planning and readiness, leveraging AI to combat increasingly AI-driven threats, and emerging trends in cyber insurance and forensics.  

You’ll walk away with greater insight on:

  • How to proactively plan and protect your organization’s assets
  • How to use AI to combat AI-driven threats to build better cyber resilience
  • Ways to create an operation that applies best practices in security, governance, and risk management 

Watch the webinar on-demand here.

4 replies


Perfect timing for this one!

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Glad to hear @Jody C, and I suspect we could fill a series with this set of topics!

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Besides panel discussion in where they talk buzzwords like AI, I also would expect a very clear demo/showcase from Commvault in where they demonstrate to the audience how a (mass) recovery is performed showing from all angles: the attack, the investigation, the moment in where the customer has to decide what to do with the impacted workloads, the identification of the recovery point that was clean, the recovery etc. You can have a plan, but if you do not have the right tools, skills and practice in place than your plan will not come together. 

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Hi @Onno van den Berg, definitely! You’ll see more of the tactical best practices coming from Commvault in the coming months, and you can find some now in our new podcast series, The Resilience Rundown (below), the Minutes to Meltdown simulations, and other demos we have in the works. “Preparing for the Attack” leans more toward executive decisionmakers who set the strategy. I’ll roll up more of our resources here, but I know you have great ideas on the skills and practice needed so keep helping us shape that conversation!