1-touch recovery

  • 24 August 2021
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Maybe there is an obvious answer to this.

Lets say that a branch office of ours is hit by ransamware. Luckely the local backups are untouched and may be used. But the file server, also acting media agent, and other servers are rendered useless. Further more, in case of a ransomware attack all connectivity to other sites are disconnected.

Our commcell is located outside the branchoffice and isn’t reachable.

In such a scenario, does that mean that we are prevented from doing a 1-touch recovery of the servers?

In my mind I would think we woulden’t be able to restore anything from backups until a connection to our commcell is established.

But who knows what Commvault may have up theor sleeve…. :-)




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I think there are two parts here. One is recovering the Media Agent - and 1-touch has a special mechanism to do that, which I believe you can do without CS access:

The second is recovering the data, and yes, that will require a network connecting to the CommServe. CommServe availability then should be part of the design, or using something like commcell migration to a secondary CS to allow recovery where the primary site is unavailable.

So I think all these scenarios can be worked around if designed in the right way.