2022E / 11.28 FREL OVA deployment in perimeter network using Commvault Gateway

  • 11 November 2022
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Hi All,

Please note that if you deploy the FREL OVA for CV 11.28 / 2022E within a perimeter network using Commvault Gateway you will run into an issue which requires manual intervention.



During deployment you are asked to fill in this form:

Where the Client, Commserve and account details are filled.
As we are using a Commvault Gateway construction you configure Firewall options:

  • Select checkbox for “Is CS behind a firewall”
  • Fill in Option 3: Proxy client name, hostname and port

Now the OVA is being deployed.

When deployed we log in on the terminal and go to: /opt/commvault/Base/
Here we see 2 files being populated with wrong information:

  • FwConfig.txt
  • FwConfig.txt.registerme

Incorrect information from wizard:

(In this situation I am using the default tunnel port 8403, if you have entered a different port then this port value will differ from my example)

Resulting in a TCP connection directly to the Commserve with status SYNC_SENT as this address is not directly available within the perimeter network.

If you replace the content of both files for the following, all connections will be made and FREL registration will continue as expected:

It seems the FREL OVA wizard is not lined up with the installer anymore.
Looking at a manual installation of an agent this makes sense as you are no longer asked for the Firewall options, you only need to enter the Commserve or gateway address and optionally a port if you don’t use the default 8403.

Hope this helps if you encounter such issues while deploying an FREL OVA in a perimeter network.


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Funny as I ran into exactly the same issue some weeks ago for which I opened a ticket. I discovered that the SimCallWrapper process was started with the incorrect flags therefor it was trying to connect directly to the specified CommServe. I was able to deploy it successfully by stopping the services and starting the process manually using the correct switches. 

Latest news I received was that it will be fixed in the FR30 and they will not perform a backport to FR28 and earlier versions. 

The deployment method from Command Center works without issues, but in case of more complex environment you will in most cases have to deploy the first access node manually.