Activate / Analyitics engine not running

  • 12 January 2022
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Over the past year I have been elbows deep into system governance and this brought me to loving Activate .This AM I woke up to check reporting and noticed that ALL of my projects were reporting “ No data found” following by a Command Center alert “ Failed to get Schema, Make sure Analyitics Engine is reachable”

Me being .. well.. Me, I knew right where to look. My index server and content analyizer were up and active, so- naturally i rebooted them. Just incase an update snuck in there.After reboot the issue still exists. 

Anyone else have this issue? I have opened a ticket with Maintenance advantage on the lowest priority. I would like to see if we “ The Community” can resolve this issue together. 


Best answer by Matthew M. Magbee 14 January 2022, 21:08

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5 replies

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Hi @Matthew M. Magbee,


We might need to check the logs on this one, Sounds like there could be a connectivity or application error somewhere.

Did you try restarting the services on the WebServer/CommServe also?


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Oh yea, I did a service/process restart- then a stop and rebooted the commserv . 

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I’m with @MichaelCapon on this, at least from an ‘appearance of error’ perspective.  Assuming the services are actually running (and not hung or not fully loaded) then communication becomes the next logical area to look.  Any network changes that could have an effect?

What are you seeing in CVD.log or any associated log file?

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This is still happening. Working close with Commvault

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Just a quick update, While I was waiting from commvault - I decided to restore the indexer to a day before i ad the issue. And it resolved the issue. perhaps a windows update or a commvault patch or something caused the issue. 

Within minutes my dashboard and results were back and accurate with scans. So - if you have this happen, check your patches or restore the index server.