Agent backup over SAN

  • 16 February 2023
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we use Simpana 11.28.44.
Is it possible to backup a agent over SAN because we have an internal firewall and i think the backup over LAN is slower than over SAN. 

- Map in my virtual machine a SAN lun.
- Backup the data to that SAN lun
- MediaAgent have also map that lun and backup the data from that lun.

Is that possible?


2 replies

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Hi @Dennis ,

Do you mean this:

Best Regards,


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Thanks, but not exactly.
Now we have the constellation that the agents will backup over LAN to the media agent and from the media agent then over SAN to the B2D storage.

My question was if it is possible to backup directly to SAN. Map a SAN volume to the agent, backup the agent directly to SAN (not over LAN) and the media agent which have maped the same lun backup it to B2D.
May be that Simpana can’t do that…...