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  • 20 April 2023
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Hi All,


is it possible to create an alert for exchange online mailbox backup. When the Cache update is older than x days 


 Showing mailboxes from cache last updated on: Apr 17, 8:49 AM


We had some enviroments hwere the cache update and auto discover does not work. Thsi cause potential data loss. 


the stupid thing here is that the mailbox backup shown as completeded even if there are a lot of skipped mailboxes with that kind of error:


Mailbox [Extra] not found in local mailbox cache. Please make sure local mailbox cache is available and refreshed without error.


So we want to get an alert when the cache is to old. 

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Hello @SSchmidt 

We do have the 0365 Health report

This includes last discovery time. I believe there might be a way to create an alert from this report but have to check on that portion.