automaticly abort a running job when a specific error occurs

  • 30 March 2023
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I am looking for a way to automaticly abort a running job or at least start a workflow (with which I then abort the job) when a specific error occurs in a certain storage policy. Is this possible in CommVault?

The background is that every 10-12 days there is an issue with the VMWare backup copy (“VDDK thread timeout, possible VDDK deadlock encountered”), and afterwards, all VMs are backed up very slowly using only NBD. After restarting the job, the NAS transport mode is used again (at least for 95% of the VMs).

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2 replies

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Totally doable. Spawn the backup via a workflow and check events against the job id.

once you see the event code kill the job and restart. That said this would just hide what is potentially a much larger problem.

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@chrisknows : thanks for your idea … but I'm trying now a different approach using the event viewer and triggering an alarm on a specific event. I'll then (if it works) disassociate the possibility of a script that can be used for alarming to kill the job. At least that's my idea ...
And yes, I know this is just symthom fighting, but so far (even with the CommVault support) I can't find out why this happens every 10 - 14 days (sometimes it takes even longer).
Now I just need an idea how I can determine the parent job ID (is a backup copy job) from a job ID in PowerShell (but that’s another story ;) ).