Backup copy NetApp snapshot NOT generated by Commvault

  • 15 September 2023
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Hello dear community,


I have a customer currently running VMware IntelliSnap backups on NetApp. Problem is that they cannot update their NetApp to the latest Active IQ version as it is not supported by Commvault. And this happened several time in the past, where they had to wait a significant amount of time for the latest version to be support (so they say). So they would like to move away from Commvault controlling the snapshots, but would like to still create backup copies of those snapshots.

Is there a way for a proxy to mount snapshots NOT created by Commvault and still run a backup copy of it?

Many thanks in advance for your input.


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Simple answer here is NO. Snapshots taken at the NetApp array level are invisible to Commvault and therefore the software has no idea what to mount.

As for Active IQ I found this post that may help to clarify the support comment;


Also I think this is a similar question around the NetApp snapshots - again still not possible but could be worth a read:


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Thanks much @dude ,

I’ll relay that information to the customer. I really appreciate you took time to provide those valuable links. I didn’t find them in my research.

But you have to admit, that would be an awesome feature if Commvault could find a way to do that.



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I think it really depends if you can change the snapshot tag naming from a NetApp perspective and capture only the snapshot with that specific tag in their names. You most likely do not want every snapshot to be backup copied or snap mirrored/vaulted.