backup data´s unexpected growing

  • 20 October 2022
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Hi Team!

We have an unexpected growth in backup data. The data in the source remains without growing, but in the backup there is a giant growth.

Almost all the data is Oracle Database, and we need to get some reports of this growth. How can I get reports of before and after this growth?

Thanks in advance!


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3 replies

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You can use subclient growth report to zero in on where its getting consumed.  

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Did you try Backup job summary report? You can filter by Oracle agent and run for the period you’re seeing the unexpected growth. This gives the size progression by job, also the summary of total size. You can dig deeper on the jobs where there is a sudden jump.


Edit: The one MFasulo suggested is a more focused and appropriate for your need.




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Hi Team.!

Thanks for your answer. Finally the data aging started again and the amount of data has been reduced.

There was a problem with the data aging.