Can you run a Synthetic full and get all incrementals rolled up into it when the subclients host (or DB) no longer exists?

  • 24 October 2022
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I hope I’m not asking an obvious question ...


Let's say we’re running Synthetic fulls on the weekend, incrementals daily/hourly on a Windows server that has Filesystem+MSSQL backups.  Suddenly (and without warning) on a Friday evening, the server is decommissioned by the owner (maybe it was thrown into a volcano, so it cannot be turned on for a final backup). We have incrementals all week for the server, but no recent last full to back up to tape.

Is there a way (or any gotchas, or special settings to properly do this) to roll all these incrementals up into  Synthetic full jobs (for each subclient) if the underlying server (and CommVault client installation on that server) no longer exists? Isn’t a Synthetic full basically just a rollup of the incrementals already in commvault and in theory we shouldn’t need the client or server to exist to roll them up into a Syn full?


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Yes, just run the synfull, it doesnt need to contact the client. 


Synthetic Full Backups (