Changing the default port for a Unix install

  • 20 September 2023
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Hi Team,


I have an issue with an intended Unix client install.

Filesystem agent only.


We unfortunately have port 8400 occupied by other software, so I need to install to a different port.

However, I don’t see where i can over-ride 8400 with my intended port.


And for whatever reason, I can no longer find detailed instructions on the Unix\Linux install process.
I’m not a Unix admin, so probably like quite a few of us, it would be helpful if there was more detail on available options.


Bottom line, can someone advise how, or where I can provide a different port during a local install (I have a Unix tech available to assist).



3 replies

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Hi @MountainGoat 


I do not know on how to change the port number during the install process…. but after install you should be able to change the port by editing the /etc/CommVaultRegistry/Galaxy/Instance001/Session/.properties file on the client (and restart its services) 



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Hello @MountainGoat 

As @RubeckDK mentioned, you can make changes to the file or can use additional setting as well, more information is present here:


Rajiv Singal

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you can pass the cvdport over the command line to override the default.

./cvpkgadd -cvdport 8500


Silent Install:


./silent_install -cvdport 8500