Cli or script to Stop and start Commserve and MA Services

  • 24 March 2021
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Hi, have anyone made a script or used cli commands to control the procedure of shutting down an entire commserve environment in windows.

I suppose you can do most of the stopping services with windows powershell , but how to disable all activity in commserve. 


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6 replies

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Hi @palcode 

Thanks for the question, we have lots of command line capability in Documentation:

Command Line

Specifically, to disable activities at Commcell level, you need this command:

Disabling Activities at the CommCell Level Using the Command Line Interface



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for stopping and disabling services you can use:

GxAdmin.exe -consoleMode -stopsvcgrp All -disable -timeout 60

but before doing this on MAs, I would recommend to disable MAs on Commvault level before, and ensure no jobs using these MAs are running:

qoperation execscript -sn setMediaAgentProperty -si sample_ma -si 9 -si 0


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I could not find the timeout value anywhere in our documentation, all our console timeouts are defined in seconds, It might be the same here.

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Hi Palcode, 


You can find the CLI command for disable/enable activity in the below link.

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You can automate both the tasks in workflow automation as well if you have basic knowledge on Workflows