Cluster service won't start

  • 11 July 2024
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I have a customer who has configured a new 4 node Windows Cluster. Everything looks in order on it, but the SQL instances aren’t being discovered when creating a cluster pseudo client. 

The SQL instances aren’t being discovered at a client level either. 

SQL permissions for Commvault are all correct.

I can run a File level backup at a node level so I know all connectivity is OK.

The Commvault Cluster Process on the nodes won’t start up which would explain the SQL instances not being discovered.

In Windows Cluster Manager, all nodes and roles look to be healthy, but the Cluster Events have a large amount of the below errors. There is a fix for it, which the customer is busy with at the moment.

My question is, would the below error cause the Commvault Cluster process to not start or is that a separate issue?

I would have expected to at least have SQL instances discovered at a node level?



1 reply

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Hello @Mauro 

This issue is best troubleshooted under a ticket. 

Please raise a support ticket to troubleshoot this issue on a session. 

Community is better suited for FAQ related topics. 


Kind regards

Albert Williams