commserve hardware refresh using workflow experience

  • 19 October 2023
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Could anyone share their experience with using commserve hardware refresh?

Is this workflow using LiveSync to perform migration? 

What level of privileges “domain user” needs to have to rename/add new server to the domain? Should it be domain admin? And also regarding the user for Media Agent, the documentation mentions command


to restart the workflow if it fails, does that mean that Media Agent has to be on Windows server? Considering Media Agent chosen in the form is on Linux server, if Linux Media Agent can be used at all, can regular user with sudo access be provided or does it have to be root?

How to deal with ProductionCS SQL SA user Password? I don’t think it is known unless default password is used for MSSQL installation.

Thanks in advance for your responses!

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We do recommend to use CsLIveSync for automated migration but this workflow does not use CsLivesync to perform migration.


For more details, pls see doc for CsLivesync solution here - for windows, linux and cross platform-