commvault Questions about capacity licenses

  • 2 April 2024
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10TB capacity license in use
Currently, 6.97TB (about 70%) is in use.
I'm going to add another client to back it up
The backup capacity is estimated to be approximately 4TB.
If so, do I need to buy more licenses?

And is the capacity measurement method of the license application size or data written capacity?

4 replies

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Hi @james.lee 


The following documentation describes how Capacity Licensing is calculated =


If you go over your available license you will indeed need to buy more licenses to cover the backups required for your environment.

If when you backup the client you go over your available capacity license, you will be able to reset the license usage up to for 32 days to allow you to carry on with backups until you obtain the required licensing

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Hi @james.lee ,
You can add new client and with 4 Tb but kindly ensure it does not cross 100% of the overall purchase count.
Can we know the actual purchase Quantity

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10 SB-C-DPA-1T licenses in use
How do you measure the capacity license
Is it measured by Application Size, not Data Wired Capacity?


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@james.lee when commserve is deployed with capacity module license we consider application size not the Data written.