Copy hotfixes is skipped for [C:\Users\commvault\Downloads\Commvault_Maintenance_11_22_22_linux-x8664.tar] because the media is not available for it.

  • 20 September 2021
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Hello Everyone,

We are trying to add the Linux PPC Package for one of our customers and getting the same error.


Tried everything that was mentioned above but still no luck.


Any help, would be greatly appreciated.




3 replies

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@Sudipta Soo , thanks for the post!  I moved this to its own thread for better tracking.  I’ll reach out to the folks involved in the last one and get their input.

Can you confirm the error was the exact same as the other thread?  I created the title accordingly, so let me know if it is inaccurate.

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This looks like just the maintenance release. Is this being applied on a machine that already is on the feature release for 11.22? The maintenance releases are cumulative, but need to be applied on top of the feature release. You should be able to download a feature release that includes this maintenance release.

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So from here: Maintenance Advantage Customer Support Portal - Electronic Software Distribution - v11 Software Release Lifecycle ( download the software distribution (feature release). You can then add maintenance release on top of it. You need the ‘base’ install of the package before you can add\update the maintenance release.