Custom Dashboard configuration issue

  • 25 January 2022
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Hi all


I’m creating Custom Dashboards in Metrics Server for various business units.
The creation of them is not a problem and all the info is there.

I’m struggling when I want the view to be specific to client groups or storage policies as an example. When I edit the report that the tile uses, and I save the view, the info is correct. I then deploy that report to the Dashboard, but once refreshed the tile brings back the information for the entire landscape.

I assume I’m just doing something wrong in my creation of the custom reports?



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6 replies

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@Mauro , to confirm, you’re sure you are deploying the new copy and not the original one?  Maybe it’s a refresh issue?

Can you walk us through the steps you are using?

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Hi Mike

Sure thing.

I create a new Dashboard under the ‘Cnfiguration’ - ‘Custom Dashboards’ menu on the left.
I then create a New Dashboard and pull in all the tiles I want.
As an example, I’ll then add the Backup Summary Report graph and select the fields I want in the report.

It won’t save these fields though. 
Thereafter I tried to edit the Dasboard I created. It lets’ me change the fields I need to and I have tried ‘Save’, ‘Save as View’ and ‘Deploy’.

The Dashboard Version updates, but when I launch it all the default values seem to be re-applied.

I hope that makes sense.


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Makes perfect sense, and it doesn’t sound like it’s working properly.

Can you create a support incident and share the case number here?

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Thanks so much Mike.

I’m in the process of doing this now. I’ll update as soon as I can.

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@Mauro , following up on this thread.

How is this coming along?


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Sharing case solution:

Finding Details:

From my analysis and Test performed system working as design to keep the filter you would like to please create View.
From Customization level it only allow you to setup the Template or the information you would like to display, but to filter the information its not the place , it supposed to be setup at Report level and then create view.
Requested customer to select Set as Default option to setup the view.


customer setup the view and set as default which deliver what customer looking for.