CV Failover and Network Proxies

  • 5 March 2021
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When using the CV Failover setting sCSINTERFACELIST which contains a list of the primary and standby CS hostnames in the Commcell, is it no longer necessary to use proxies for all clients to connect to the active Commserve in a CV Failover and LiveSync setup? 

Can I set up the LiveSync without the Network Topology to use these proxies and just trust this additional setting to make the client connect to the active CS? 

Are there any pros and cons? 



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@Patrik , will these clients be able to resolve the listed hostnames on their own?  This setting should take care of that for you, though I’ll get a second opinion.

Edit: confirmed with a colleague, the above answer is correct.

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Chose “Use Existing Configuration”

Choose this option to use to avoid creating of the topology for repointing clients after failover but one mandatory topology is always created for communication between the 2 CS.

Note: A default topology, “Firewall Topology created for failover clients”, is created for communication between the production and standby CommServe hosts using port 8408. This default topology routes requests between the CommServe and the SQL instances and is created irrespective of the option selected for communication.

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Thanks guys, 

I have two Commserves and the include second instances for SQL LivSync and also to be used for Proxies for clients to reach the active Commserve. But I changed the Network setting to “Use exisiting...”

Seems to work fine for clients to connect directly to instance001 on the active CS after failover. So no need for proxies for client-connections as in the past. The default needed NetTopologies are still there as described needed for the SQL LiveSync. 

I will roll-out some more clients next week and do CV Failover again to further verify.


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@Patrik, let @Leo E and I know how it goes!

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Hey @Patrik , hope all is well!!  Following up to see how things are going with @Leo E ‘s suggestions.

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Hi guys, 

I can verify that the clients are able to continue operation after CV Failover only by use of the additional setting. No need for connecting through the proxies.