cvfwd errors between commserver and media agent - whitelist

  • 20 September 2023
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This just started a week or so ago.  The Commserve shows libraries for a particular media agent server as “marked not ready”.  Looking into the cvfwd file on both servers shows the following.

On MA:”ERROR: Connection from <commserver. to localhost:50580 is being denied due to not matching a configured whitelist and due to no services listening on this port.”

There are actually 4 error lines for each instance. “validate(), “do_connect_client90(), and two with “Client connection failed….”

In the cvfwd file on the commserve, there are similar ERROR messages.

After a minute or two, the libraries are “now marked ready” and I can see an established connection on that port (50580).

Do not see this on other MA servers. 

The MA and Commserve server are in the same IP subnet.

Does not appear to be traffic related, as this will occur while nothing is going on between them.

And does not appear to be impacting functionality

Any suggestions or hints?.


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6 replies

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The service listening on port 50580 should have restarted or in stopped state at that time. That log will be seen when there is no service/process listening on that port 50580 at that time.

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From the event viewer on the MA

Faulting applicaiton name: CVMountd.exe, version 11.280.1000.4922

Faultin module name “CVRemoteFile.dll, version 11.280.1000.5061

Exception code: 0xc00000fd


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Issue may have started after applying the 11.28.72 maintenance pack.  Which was applied globally.  But this is the only Windows 2016 server Media Agent in the environment.

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ok. I see Media mount manager (CvMountD) service is stopping. There is an update released in 11.28.79 that addresses this.

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Started two weeks after applying the maintenance path. 9/12 1pm.

First it occurred once an hour,

Then once every 50 minutes

Then once every 40. 30, 20...etc  Is now happening once ever 10.

Guess this will need to become a support ticket.

Reboot of the MA (along with this month’s updates applied this morning) did not make a difference.

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@DavidB What was the resolution to this issue?