"CVGrpcCppSharpService" Service not starting

  • 6 June 2024
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Hello Commvault Community,


After an environment crash, one of the services won't turn on. What is this service and how critical is it? 

No information in the documentation.





6 replies

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Hi Michal,

I found this in our internal knowledge base:

- The cvgrcappservice acts as a go between CS and webserver.

- There is a known issue internally for this service crashing when it starts from exe instead of DLL.

> For SP34, the issue is fixed using the batch script:WinServiceCreateCVGrpcCppSharpService 2.bat
Follow below steps:
[1] Stop all commvault services
[2] Close services.msc, taskmanager, commvault process manager
[3] Copy the bat file to the machine, open command prompt with administrator rights and navigate to the folder where the bat file is copied
[4] Run the command:
Example: ** **WinServiceCreateCVGrpcCppSharpService.bat Instance001 Commvault
[5] Start all commvault services and verify that "Commvault CVGrpcCppSharpService" service is started successfully
[6] Verify that you are able to login through the command center

> For SP36, the issue is already fixed.


Hope this helps and answers your question.



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BTW: You need to open a ticket with our Support to get that script.

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Thank you @MarkusBaumhardt ! So, I will create a support ticket.

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Hi Michal, all,

please note we have an updated version of the script WinServiceCreateCVGrpcCppSharpService.bat available.

Please note that you still need to open a ticket with our Support to get the script.

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Hi @MarkusBaumhardt I created a ticket. Problem have been solved.

Thank you.

Try making the services for a delayed start:

* CVGrpcCppSharpService(Instance001) → (120s),

* IIS (Windows World Wide Web Publishing) -> (180s),

* Tomcat → (240s)

That can do the trick.