• 19 June 2021
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Hello There.

I have a question regarding the new Indexing CVSolr that was announced for SP22.

One of the features is to be able to create an Index Cloud and add nodes as the environment grows as opposed to previous indexing that required all nodes to be added upfront and once done you couldn't add new nodes to the Index Cloud once created.

I searched the documentation (SP22 / SP23 and SP24) and did not find any reference of that CVSolr new indexing but the documentation sill states that nodes cannot be added to an Index Cloud once created.


Anyone ideas ?







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Hi @Abdellatif AITELBACHA 

Thank you for the question.

I’ve had a quick look through documentation and I can’t find a section specifically for adding nodes to Index Server Cloud.

I have however found Expert Documentation - Index Server - Online Help, which as a section for adding index server nodes to the cloud:

Index Server Cloud (Nodes) / Client Computer Properties for Index Server (Nodes)

Use this tab to configure the Index Store clients as nodes on the Index Server entity.

  • Add

    Use to add clients with Index Store installed as nodes on the Index Server entity. You can only add a single node to the Index Server.

This feedback for documentation is really useful as it helps improve documentation for all customers, by making the content easier to navigate.

If you would help and suggest where have you been looking for the content and where do you expect to see a section for adding additional index client nodes, I can provide some feedback to the documentation team.





The new CVSolr documentation is available in the Essential guide:

To add a node, check out Adding a Node to the Index Server. You can also balance indexes across multiple nodes on an Index Server.

Thank you,