DDUP Partition ruining out of space.

  • 7 August 2023
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I have a DASH copy from the Prod site to the DR site. The DDUP partition on the DR site appears to be running out of space, so the Aux copy has been stopped.


What should I do to resume the auxiliary copy? I can’t add more space.



6 replies

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Hi @Jean-Paul - Whether the DDB disk got full or library disk got full? 

Please confirm. 

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the DDB disk got full 

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@Jean-Paul - First, I would advise you to go through the below article and make sure the DDB disk is sized as per our recommendation.

If the DDB is not sized as per our recommendation then I would advice you to increase it. If not possible, then I would advise creating a new disk as per our recommendation and move the DDB to the new location.

If its sized as per the recommendation then there is process to compact the DDB to release some space. But, to run the compacting process, the free space must be double the size of the largest data file. If the free space is not sufficient, then the compacting process might fail and the DDB might get corrupted.

Kindly let me know if you have any queries.

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Can i delete some jobs? will it release some space?

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Hello @Jean-Paul 

Deleting deduplicated jobs will not gain you much space back. This is because DDB Baseline (unique data written to storage) does not get deleted until all jobs that ran after the baseline was written have aged. Once no jobs reference the block in baseline, the baseline block(s) will age. If you delete data you will only be deleting Secondary References which are of a few Kb in size.

Can you check SIDBEngine.log and search for Pending Deletes? This will tell you if prunable records are being deleted. SIDBPrune.log will also tell you if there are any pruning errors.

If there are no errors can you make sure Garbage Collection is enabled? This is an enhanced pruning and cleanup change we made to DDBs a few Services Packs back.
It may also be worth it to run DDB Primary Compaction as ArunKumar suggested.


Thank you,


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I’ll check it as soon as i will be at site.