Deleting Storage Pool

  • 7 September 2023
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I am in the process of deleting a Storage Pool that is a cloud library (library in question is on prem S3 Storage solution).

This mirrors as closely as possible  process I followed with Global DDB’s, but this is my first deletion of a Storage Pool and want to be 100% sure I don’t leave any data on disk

Listed below are the steps I have run


  1. All dependent copies have been deleted and there are no copies associated with storage pool
  2. Data aging has run and there are no pending deletes, there has been a week since this was done. I have confirmed there are no jobs associated with the DDB’s
  3. When I view the DDB’s I see Application size is 0, size on disk shows blocks still remain but I assume this is the residual base line that will be deleted from disk after the Storage Pool is deleted.


  4. Micro pruning is enabled. I tried running Reclaim space to recover and Orphan chunks (not sure if this is of any benefit). got error “Pruner media agent not found to run Defrag phase on DDB, Please configure pruner media agent.” Not sure if it is worth resolving this

With all this done can I just go ahead and delete the Storage Pool, and can I expect to see, the outstanding total size on disk returned.





1 reply

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Hi @DaveK ,


Good day! 

Once you’ve deleted the storage pool then you won’t be seeing the policy listing under dedup engine and the unique block data will be removed from the library. 


Kindly let me know if you’ve any queries.