Disk Library Migration (Exchange On-Premises)

  • 20 October 2023
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Goal is to migrate exchange v2 archived backups from disk library A to B (no tape involved). With that environment we allow users to access webconsole so that they can restore deleted emails if needed. My guess is that during the Aux Copy emails continue to be visible through webconsole without any impact there?!? Once I Aux Copy from Primary to the Secondary copy, I also assume that the promotion of the secondary copy to primary will then be the used by all the exchange indexing servers?

Media agents/Exchange Access Nodes/Index and Wenconsole are all separate servers.

Generally I would just follow the process listed on the links but wanted to check with the community and see if I am missing anything here. We have a fairly large amount of backups to move (over 150TB) and I want to make sure I`m covering everything before I start.

Am I missing anything?



Best answer by Swati Himmatramka 23 October 2023, 16:00

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Hello Dude,

The steps/ process you have mentioned are correct and needs to be followed in the same way. 

FYI, only synchronous copy can be promoted as Primary. Hence, you need to create an additional copy as synchronous type and copy all the required jobs.

Post that you can promote it as a primary  copy:

During AUX copy job there will be no impact on the primary backup, you can still access and recover depending on the requirement.