DR backup physical to virtual

  • 27 October 2021
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I have a backup DR that is done on the same server(CommServ), i know it´s not the best practices, but it was done by another team.

I have 2 things to do:

  1. Move DR Backup to a virtual server instead of being local
  1. Need to validate DR backup:
    The questions:
    i first configure DR Backup over the network(on another VM server)
    or do i test DR backup done on the same CommServ

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9 replies

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@Fernando Souza , are you referring to the Commserve DR backups?

You should be able to copy the latest DR backup manually to some unc path, then change where the DR goes, run a DR backup, and confirm the dump file is in the new location.

The manually copied DR file is just to ensure you have something during the move.

I would also suggest you enable the DR to Cloud feature which stores the latest copy in our Cloud for extra protection!

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Hello @Fernando Souza,

I think i get what you are asking so will expand on Mikes reply.

You can configure the DR Settings to copy the DR backup to a cloud library, Commvault Cloud (free of charge), to a local disk path or a UNC disk path. We recommend you enable the copy to Commvault Cloud and also use a UNC path that is located at the DR site. Now this is only usually performed once a day so bear in mind that this may not meet the need for a real disaster as you could miss up to a day of backups following a DR restore.

If you wanted to test if your DR backup is good, question 2, you can do this in a few ways. It is important to ensure that the VM you have for testing has a copy of the Commvault software that matches or exceeds your production environment and also has a copy of the DR backup. Once that is done remove it from the network. If you restore the database and it is on the network then you could end up breaking production as clients may get updated information and start talking to your DR server.

Then install the Commvault software with the same options you have in production and use the CSRecoveryAssistant tool located in the base directory.

This will not give you a way to test clients can talk to the CommServe or run backups and restores but will let you see that the DR backup is good and you can get the CommServe up and running again.

I would strongly recommend you look at our DR solution page for CommServe LiveSync. This will let you automate failovers, testing, and reduce risk when performing updates etc…

It also has the ability to run replication much more frequently than the DR Backup process so you end up with a more up to date DR capability.

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Hello @Mike Struening @Graham Swift 

I´m, in the customer has the following environment:
Site Prod (Lisboa)
Site DR (Porto)

and how can i validate  if the DR Site os ok if the production site fails?

Can i validate this operation shutdown the Site Prod(Lisboa) and verify if the DR site is online(assume site Prod), qtah do you think?

Is it recommended or not?



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Better to try it now vs. when there’s a true emergency, my friend!

Edit: fixed link

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Hello @Mike Struening 

Teh customer would like to do this before have a problem, but dont have this option “failover Assistent”


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Ignore what I sent (editing reply).  I sent you the details for a CS failover, not a DR restore.

You want this:

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Hello @Mike Struening 

I woud like just to test de site DR is validate, how can i test this?

Can i turn off the site production(Lisbon) and the DR Site (Porto) take on automatically


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Hello @Mike Struening 

There is a copy Lisboa to Porto:

Dont have a space to copy, can i delete this copy Jobs?

These copies was expired


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You can actually mark them to not be copied on the Aux Copy, or even better, change the Copy Date in the Aux copy properties.  Change the Date to copy jobs to today and the Aux Copy will no longer want those jobs.  Just make sure you don’t want to copy ANY of the remaining jobs.