Edit job details in Command Center or with qcommand

  • 12 August 2021
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It is possible to edit description of a backup job in Java gui. Is there a way to edit description of a backup job in Command Center or with qcommands? Thanks at all.


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7 replies

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Hi @ThomasG,

Just to clarify, when you say edit description of a backup job in the GUI, what are you referring to? Are you talking about when editing a Job Description when it is being Suspended/Killed, or is there something else? Can you provide a screenshot showing which section in the GUI you are editing the description under?


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We want to edit description of a job of backup history. Right click job, View job details, TAB Details, Description.


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Tagging @RMcG as he may have done this with XML in the past (which can be executed via qcommands)

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Unsure about an XML command, there may be one, but here’s an easy option that should do the job in a one liner … the SetJobDescription QScript … 

qoperation execscript -sn SetJobDescription.sql -si jobId -si “The new job description” 

Can be executed via CLI, Workflow or REST API as required.


If you are running a workflow and want to change the job description of the running workflow job itself you can use the UpdateJobDescription activity which provides append or overwrite options. 



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Thank you very much.

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Thank you:)


What if I want to update the job description of a job which has already completed.?

I hope in that case the SetJobDescription.sql would work?


This workflow component

Utilities > UpdateJobDescription is not taking the input of jobid, so this is to be used while we are creating some customized workflow and we want to add job description for a job triggered by that Workflow, we can use this component? Is that the use case for this?


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Hi @alligator 


Yes (based on a quick test) the SetJobDescription.sql QScript updates the description on completed jobs. 


The ‘Utilities > UpdateJobDescription’ activity updates the description of the running workflow job itself (not jobs launched by it).

You can find documentation on the predefined workflow activities here:

Look / search for the activity name in the list ‘UpdateJobDescription’


If you want to use the SetJobDescription.sql QScript in the workflow process to update the description of a job then you can use the ‘QCommands > Operation > ExecuteScript’ activity to do so.