Exchange: Convert to Full = Full ?

  • 8 April 2021
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An Exchange Archiving job is Forever Incremental. There is an option however “Convert job to full” (“On the Archive Options tab, if you want to run the job as a full back up job, select the Convert job to full checkbox.”

Is this the same as a Full backup? If so, why is making a Full backup not an option, instead of converting an Incremental job to a full (that seems unnecessarily complicated then)? Can it be scheduled also? Or is there any difference in functionality?



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3 replies

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Hi @iConsultant 

Thank you for the question, I have checked documentation:

And there are very few details around “convert to full” option to explain this.

I’ll follow up with our Messaging team internally in support and see if I can get some clarity for you.

My end goal will be: once I have some more detail for you posted in here, I will put in a request to our Documentation team to expand those pages and add some extra detail.



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My understanding is that is still marked as incremental, and when you run the next job it will re-download everything with a new index. I believe it is there in case there is an indexing/archiving issue that needs a re-baseline.

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Just to clarify, the whole purpose of this option is to provide the capability for customers to 'rebaseline' their users mailbox data.

You should only want or need to do this in certain situations... e.g.

1. You've changed your exchange policies and want to ensure all the data within the users mailbox has been updated and re-protected as per these changes.

2. You've lost the storage device housing this data (no seconday copies available) and need/want to re-archive everything that current exists in your users mailboxes.

3. You want to manually aux copy certain jobs to tape for long term retention (and these jobs need to contain everything in the users mailbox @ time of archive). 

It's not designed to be used in the 'traditional full' sense that we used in previous editions of the mailbox agent - hence the option to run a 'FULL' job is not supported or available as a 'backup type' for this agent. 

Hopefully this helps.