how commvault creates the data growth calculation

  • 8 December 2022
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Hey all,  

I wanted to ask if anyone knows how commvault calculates when the maglib becomes full 

The infomartion is in the report Storage Utilization

Capacity Used Space Free Space Free Space (%) Size on Disk Date to be Full Application Size Current Month Change Current Month Change (%) Health Status
79.95TB 68.39TB 11.56TB 14.46 67.31TB Apr 22 2023 337.53TB 1.45 TB 2.15 Good

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Hello @Base64 

The projected “Date to be Full” date is based on previous growth and deduplication savings. With “all being equal” and there are no dramatic changes in retention or new data being backed up, we can estimate based on previous usage month over month and cycle over cycle, that you will fill up the library approximately by [x] date.


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