How do I gather hyperscale logs?

  • 30 December 2020
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I need to gather logs for support. How do I gather the hyperscale logs??


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Hi Ron, 

There are a few different methods to collect logs depending on your appliance type.

  • Method to generate iRMC logs (Does not apply to HyperScale X):
    • 1. Log into iRMC Web Server for the Node (Run independently per node)
    • 2. Click on Tools.
    • 3. Select Reports.
    • 4. Click “Save” under System Reports.
    • 5. This will output a .zip which you can then collect.
  • Method to generate SOS reports via the GUI:
    • 1. From the CommCell Console, right-click the CommServe, point to All Tasks, and then select Send Log Files.
    • 2. The Send Log Files dialog box appears.
    • 3. On the Computers tab, in the Computers list, select the Hyperscale Nodes for which you want to send log files.
    • 4. On the Machine Information tab, select the client logs to be uploaded from the following list:

                Note: Ensure the option “Collect HyperScale information” is selected

    • 5. This will then generate the sos report within the Commvault SendLog bundle in the form of sosreport-<hostname>-CVLT-<epcohunixtimestamp>-YYYY-MM-DD-cmfrfvu.tar
  • Method to generate SOS Reports via command line (Putty):
    • 1 Putty into Node
    • 2. Type "sosreport" and the following prompts will show up (enter your values)
      • Please enter your first initial and last name [win-linux-ma]: 
      • Please enter the case id that you are generating this report for []: 
    • 3. This will then generate a report in the following directory (/var/tmp/sosreport-<name of node> -<initial>-timestamp.tar.xz)
      • i.e. /var/tmp/sosreport-node1-WW-2019-06-24.tar.x
  • Method to Ovirt Log Collection:
    • 1. SSH into the Hosted Engine (not the nodes)
    • 2. Once logged in run the following command:
      • ovirt-log-collector
  • Once completed it will output a file which you need to collect. Filezilla or WinSCP using FTP are the easiest ways to grab this file.

I hope this was helpful.