How to check a index backup status.

  • 10 October 2022
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I have received below alert and I am not sure how to check index backup status:

  Alert Rule Name : Index backup status ,ClientName : z_migrate2 ,Agent : Virtual Server ,BackupsetName : Compute_VM_CS ,SubclientName : Not Applicable ,DbName : 62D6067B-93FB-4760-B99F-AA5A492681AC ,IndexServer : gl2-hyperscale03.danfoss.local ,lastbackuptime : NULL ,Condition Cleared: : Not Applicable


Can someone help me navigate to index backup status please.


Best answer by Matt Medvedeff 11 October 2022, 17:16

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3 replies

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Hello @RandomCustomer 

In the Commcell Console go into Client Computer Groups → Index Servers → There should be an _IndexServer pseudo client with a name that matches the Storage Policy associated to the client listed in the Alert. 

So if your Storage Policy was named Backups, you would see a pseudo client named Backups_IndexServer. So find the one in question, and drill down into the default subclient and right click → Backup History. And this should show you the backup history for the Index backup in question.

Let me know how you make out

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Thanks Matt, Index backup was not happening and due to this we had several other issues. So we have decided to go with CV upgrade at the moment. and if that doesn’t fix the issue then we will open a case.


@Matt Medvedeff No Index Backup in last 30 days for specific client. I am also facing similar issue but for a single client. For others it is fine.