How to correctly set up intellisnap to snap netapp vmware volumes and cifs/nfs volumes. No NDMP. Snaps only.

  • 25 August 2023
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Hi Team. Have a netapp a700 that has vmware datastores and cifs/nfs shares. I need to set up intellisnap and a storage policy snap primary (and a vault/replica copy of it) to do this. I have a specific storage policy for vmware and a specific storage policy for files. I’m currently working with the vmware policy first.  I’ve created the snap primary and the vault copy (with the snap primary as the source) the source and destination svm’s have been added and are confirmed correct. lifs and peering relationships set up. In a vsa subclient, I’ve enabled intellisnap and have selected some test volumes in ‘content’. The proper relationships have been configured for these between the source (a700) and destination storage (a netapp 8700) for the vault/replica. When I run a backup copy from the storage policy and also from the intellisnap enabled subclient I get the error “job will not be started. snap backup copy job does not need to run.”.  Can you kindly suggest what might be misconfigured ? There is no ndmp in this environment; only streaming backups and snaps. Thank you!

4 replies

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Hello @mzator 

Based on your configuration it seems like you do not need to run Backup Copies (unless you desire to).
A Backup Copy will mount the snap and then create a traditional backup from it to a Traditional Primary copy. From there it can be aux copied like any other non-intellisnap backup. 

Do you have any issues running the Vault copy? 

Thank you,

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Hi Colin I just needed to run the job from the intellisnap enabled subclient first. Thanks for your time. 

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Hi @mzator 

Kindly check if Backup Copy is disabled on the Storage Policy. You can confirm this by going to the properties of SP.


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The backup copy was enabled but the intellisnap enabled subclient was not associated to a schedule. This issue is resolved.