How to edit E-mail Token in Tennant message

  • 4 October 2022
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Hi all

I have a question about BaaS (Backup as service)

I added a “new company” and then it mailed a welcome message.

The walcome mrssage

The question is the token “$CHANGE_PASSWORD_LINK$” show the URL is private IP(local host).

For example “”

What should I do to let it show the real public IP where it exist ? 


let other people connect correct IP.




Best answer by Brian Bruno 4 October 2022, 19:10

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2 replies

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Hi @Aaron Chang,


The URL for the password change is dictated by the ‘WebconsoleURL’ Additional Setting.  If you’d like to modify that variable to be the public IP address, the following Additional Setting would have to be defined on the CommServe machine :


Name : WebconsoleURL

Category : CommServDB.GXGlobalParam

Value : <>


For example, if you wanted force the URL to generate to, the Additional Setting should be configured as follows :


After modifying that Additional Setting, the Change Password link generated by that token will have the updated URL.


**NOTE**  In addition to modifying this token, it will also change the URL that gets launched when you click on the Webconsole or Command Center Ribbon buttons at the top of the Commcell Console.


-Brian Bruno

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Hi @Brian Bruno 

You solved the question that has been bothering me for a long time.

I am very grateful to you.