how to export list of mailbox from office 365 last backup information summery?

  • 17 November 2023
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How to export all 6455 list of mailbox from last back up o365 information summery?

If click “View export “no record found



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Go to your exchange client on the Java GUI, make sure you select the mailbox option at the bottom of your screen.

Then on the top right corner, right click the arrow down, then save. That will save all the mailboxes to a excel file.


There used to be a report called Exchange Mailbox Stats in store, but I can`t see it anymore. Anyways, the above will work.

Another way, same screen you showed above there is gear, click on that and export - however that will only export that is on the current screen which may or may not show all of your mailboxes. I prefer the first option I showed.