How to Update Tomcat in the CommCell

  • 15 March 2021
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we have received a notice from our security department that we need to update the Tomcat on the servers for Commvault. Has anyone here already done such an update ? I think an update of the Tomcat would also mean a downtime for the affected system. 
I would like to inform myself in advance here about the procedure before I run into an error that could mean the failure of the backup service.



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4 replies

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As I know when we do update the CV version, Hotfixes or SP, its always update the Tomcat as well. What version and SP of CV do you have now?

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Hi @thomas.S 

As @Vladan Kojanic suggests, third party applications are updated as part of regular Feature Release updates, but not every FR will deliver third party application updates.

Checking the documentation for Third Party Applications Installed by the Commvault Installer (SP20), this includes Apache Tomcat 9.0.34.

What version is found on your infrastructure and is there a particular Tomcat version you are looking to update to?



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we checked again and found out that there is another Tomcat running on the system besides the Commvault one, but it has nothing to do with Commvault. This caused the alarm. The Tomcat used by Commvault is up to date. The other one came with a management interface from QLogic FC Adapters, which is web-based and therefore also included a Tomcat.



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Nice find @thomas.S !  Does that solve your issue?  Feel free to mark your response as the Best Answer!